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Certifications: ISSA, NCCPT, Marathon Running, and Distance Cycling.
Hobbies: lifting, running, biking, hiking, rock climbing, camping, anything out doors really
Favorite Fitness Quote: "Success isn't owned, it's leased. And rent is due everyday." - JJ. Watt

Where are you from originally and in what cities have you lived?
I was born in Chicago and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin. My years in the army have taken me to many different place including Texas, Missouri, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Why did you choose your profession? Helping others has become my life's work. To me, exercise isn't just about getting in great workouts, it's about breaking down barriers and becoming who you truly want to be. Exercise is a great way to break through what's really holding you back. I believe you see inside who you really are when pushed to your limit. I always tell people in my class "If it doesn't challenge you, it will never change you!"

Besides OTF, what do you do to keep fit and healthy? SealFit, Military Athlete, and triathlons when I have the time

What motivates you and why? God, Country, Family. I wouldn’t be here without God, He gives me strength every day.
I believe everyone deserves to live free, and I will always be ready to fight for that. My family means the world to me, and I owe it to my wife to be the very best I can be every day.

When it comes to food, what’s your guilty pleasure? That’s an easy one…. PIZZA! (We the Pizza preferably)

What is your spirit animal and why? I feel like saying bald eagle would be rather cheesy, but it’s a bald eagle. Flying would be awesome, it's one of the biggest birds in the sky, it's an incredible hunter, they're great parents, and of course, the symbol of freedom.

If you could choose your talent, what would it be? I haven't played the drums in a long while, I played for 15 years, I would pick that up again.

If you could share a meal with any individual, living or dead, who would it be and why? Any service member from WWII. They are one of the greatest service generations in American history. We don’t have to talk about what happened, I just want to enjoy a good meal with good people who stood for something, and let them know how grateful I am to serve in their footsteps.

If you could speak to everyone in the world at the same time, what would you say? I would tell them a story about a woman who made a difference. Driving down the highway during rush hour traffic a car was pulled over, it was pulled over awkwardly as if the driver had done so in a panic. Impatient passing cars honked as they passes, swearing and cursing. What the passing drivers didn’t know however, was that the driver's mother, who was in the passenger seat, was having a heart attack. Frazzled and unable to talk to 911 because she spoke very little English, the mother and daughter had only their prayers. Meanwhile a woman driving by noticed the young panicked woman and rolled down her window. She asked if everything is ok, to which the woman replied "Call 911!" As the woman pulled over she dialed 911 while rushing to the vehicle. She didn’t stop when she saw the two woman dressed in burqa's. She stayed on the phone describing the old woman's condition and location, and watched as the old woman struggled to breath praying to her God. Sending up prayers of her own she comforted the two woman the best she could waiting twenty-five minutes for the ambulance. Finally, as the old woman begins to slip out of this life, the ambulance shows up and begins to help her. 

Faith has no boundaries to save a life.

What are you most grateful for? A great many things, but most of all, my beautiful wife Lauren.

Emily is a former hockey player turned strength coach and studio manager. She specializes in functional movement and movement efficiency. Working to build mastery of movement before strengthening and educating members on "why" OTF?
Look good. Feel good. Play good.
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream OR mashed potatoes and gravy
Lateral Skater Hops (its the hockey background...)
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